You wish you knew more, as unlike what they say, it’s not something you can
just ride out.

You struggle to make it through work day just to come home and get into bed.
You get a new allergic reaction to something every couple of months
You have a sweet tooth like never before
You feel like every pound just hangs on no matter what
You feel like you walk around all day in a fog of exhaustion and depression
You hate having to “force” yourself ( shhh! don’t tell)
You miss your brain

To sail through menopause, you've taken these two paths. Neither has worked out the way you'd hoped…

Path 1: You’ve tried working through this on your own

You changed your diet but it’s so restrictive that it’s easier for you to say what you CAN eat vs all the things you can’t.

The recipes are complicated.

So in addition to drinking shakes that leave you intensely hungry just a few hours later, you also have a list of foods to get creative with in the kitchen which adds more stress when you’re cooking for a family.

You tried meditating your way out of it.

You’re no healthier after taking hundreds of dollars of supplements.  But you've given it your best shot because... well, they were highly popular inside the facebook group.

When you try to balance your hormones yourself:

You seem to be throwing time, effort and money in combating as many symptoms and signs of ageing as you can. (and then feel like being on a hamster wheel of trial and error)
All the weight loss tricks seem to fail, when in the past you could skip a few meals and lose 4 pounds.
You feel completely well and normal one week which makes you worry what hell you’re in for next!
And just when you think you’ve nailed sleep, there you’re at 3:00 am wide awake because the bedroom got a teeny bit hot....

Along the way, you've realized this:

You're doing a job for which you are unprepared and have no specific understanding. You've relied on Google, Amazon and advice from friends. And it's not working. Not like it should. You're a generalist doing the work of a specialist.

When you decide you’ve far more worth than you afforded yourself, you try the next option...

Path 2: You've tried to find professional help

Your doctor looked at you when you talked about your symptoms " like wtf is wrong with you". And your GYN- God bless 'em - doesn't have the answers.

You spent four years going to naturopaths and doctors which was a complete disaster. You feel they either don’t care or your issues are too complicated.

And even with the required lab tests, you find yourself dealing with the next problem:

How do you even understand what the numbers mean for “you”?

Trying to interpret your lab results is like a full time job while trying to focus on getting well.

  • Specialists turn out to be lab brokers
  • The expert doctor you found doesn’t even do any consults himself - an in-house team trained in his method “sees” you over Skype calls...
  • Another fitness expert with a large following seems to suck the fun out of your workouts because, after every training session you find yourself crying, exhausted laying on the couch with a heating pad for hours…
  • There’s a surge of info but all seem to be holding back any real plans for help.
  • To further complicate things, everybody seems to be flogging their own branded protein powders, snack bars and gels but you don't need or want to pay big bucks to someone who's put their name on a label when you don’t even believe that’s what you really need. And you don't have three months to wait for them to “show results”. And you're honestly just not a fan of their style. Oh, and you sure as Helsinki cannot afford to go private.

‘If only someone had a simplified formula and told me, do this and you’ll feel like your old self, I’d do it in a heartbeat ’.

The answers you seek lie within you.


The problem for you is no one’s looking at YOU as a whole woman.

Understanding how all your organs work together is incredibly important. When you tinker with one body system, you’re inevitably affecting other systems and organs.

Each woman has her own level of hormones and your digestion, nutrient levels, diet, exercise, past and present life events all have an effect on levels and ratios of your hormones.

Your adrenal glands make many of your hormones after menopause. (Source: WHCC, 2007) But you enter menopause with adrenal bankruptcy. With weakened adrenals, slow digestion and an ever-increasing load of toxicity the stage is set for a tough ride and an increased risk of health problems.

Your body starts to really get bogged down in a mess.

And that, my friend is a scientific fact.

Luckily (for us both), I can show you how to get you in sync with your body without pills or labs or insanity. When you enter an uncharted terrirory, it's easy to get lost and to make dumb choices. You need a guide. Someone with experience to show you the way.

I can show you how to get where you want to go — with grace and ease.

This framework alone has course corrected my menopause so that I can live a life that truly honours how I feel.  And now, I'm going to teach it to you...



...With Make Menopause Easy

I have strategically crafted this 6-week course to help you implement simple step-by-step system and proven strategies to figure out what you are missing and what you need to get yourself back feeling whole again.


Inside Make Menopause Easy, you’ll...


Adrenals are at the heart of the Make Menopause Easy System. This week, you’ll learn how to reboot your HPA axis function. This is a major player in your entire hormone system and should be every woman’s first and foremost prescription for healthy hormones. Failure to do this will affect your reactions to many issues from stress to sex including your digestion and immune systems.


Gut health = hormonal health. When  your gut gets inflamed, so does your brain. Your gut health plays a key role in regulating everything - from digestion and metabolism to immune function and hormones. When your HPA axis is dysregulated and hormones hormones out of balance, you must rebuild the gut and get proper nutrients to correct the imbalances. In this step, you’ll learn food and nutritional strategies to heal your gut. Without this step firmly in place, your health crumbles.


You'll master my 10 Step Circadian Reset Plan. It combines the principles of timing, movement, rhythmic integration and habits. If during such a reset your own body jumps up and down and says “Hooray”, with the removal of multiple sources of discomfort and distress, you don’t have to ask me whether this is likely to be a good thing for you.


Your body is always cleansing. The whole system runs into problems when the body is forced into the extra burden of detoxifying excessive waste and toxins. By now, you’ll have fewer internal stressors and enough nutrient power to keep up with the natural detoxification load. When you follow this plan, you don’t feel hungry or deprived; nor do you suffer the irritability that goes along with self-starvation associated with run-of-the-mill detox programs.  I will walk you through the slow and deliberate detoxification process so you maximise the removal of toxins without side effects. If done incorrectly, then toxicity -including estrogen dominance can occur.


Too high or too low blood sugar shifts signal danger in your body. Unfortunately, insomnia is one of the effects of the high output of adrenaline, cortisol and the roller coaster of blood sugar. Insulin resistance is a significant contributing factor to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic inflammatory responses such as arthritis, asthma, moods and behaviour. You’ll learn to identify foods to avoid and foods to eat in accordance with Nature’s plan and your circadian rhythm - that is beneficial to you.

Make Menopause Easy course will also provide you with:

Simple intuitive assessments

Simple intuitive assessments of your bodily functions,  highly accurate in showing what you need to address.


Videos, mp3s + downloadable transcripts

Done-for-you meal plans

Done-for-you meal plans so you have  a simplified formula of: eat this for breakfast, this for lunch and that for dinner. Don’t worry...they don’t require too much time to prepare as foods are readily available. And no, you don’t need to eat 2 pounds of broccoli each day.

Done-for- you Protocols

Hot flashes, irregular periods, heavy periods, fibroids, UTIs

Live Coaching Calls

4 live coaching calls with Kiran on targeted steps to take your health to new heights.

Private Founders Lounge

A Private Founders Lounge so you can connect with like-minded women and get the accountability and support you need, when you need it.

And Unlimited Access (as long as I exist! )

"Kiran planted many seeds for us all, and now some are beginning to sprout and others are really taking off and growing. Now I rarely get a headache or feel dizzy. I'm so much better! Looking forward to my continued hormone health and sharing everything I learned with my daughter who just got married."

-T M

Will Make Menopause Easy really work for me?

You may have heard a lot of hype about balancing hormones, and are wondering if this course could really work for you get it all together and maintain it. I was skeptical too, until I saw firsthand the transformation made possible by applying a few simple (yet surprising) strategies.

What if I'm doing hormone therapy?

Hundreds of my clients have sometimes reduced the necessary replacement levels of other hormones; many have successfully come off all sorts of prescription drugs that mask symptoms and prevent you from feeling great and healthy.

I can show you how to safely and effectively optimise your health even if you’re doing hormone therapy.

I’m post menopausal.

So what? Your ovaries have declined but you still have other bodily functions and organs. And they need to work in harmony in order for you to thrive beyond age-related hormone decline and prevent illnesses.

If you want a midlife that feels good and keeps you motivated and young, you will need strong foundations. Make Menopause Easy system allows you to build that.  


Learn to live your menopause by design, instead of  by default.

I can show you how.

Join Make Menopause Easy


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"You can't know what you don't know." If I had carried on chugging down the Nexium, I’m fairly certain I would have ended up in surgery by now. I had no clue my heart burn, gas, bloating , fatigue was due to low stomach acid. So I say resounding “yes” to the methods Kiran simplifies for getting your health on track. Now I’m no longer taking drugs. I’m excited to see my fitter, stronger body in the mirror."



Try the entire Make Menopause Easy program and if you don't LOVE it, get 100% of your money back.

It's simple: Take the program and see for yourself. If it doesn't work, just email me, and I'll refund your entire purchase.

Since we begin the course on January 06, your guarantee is extended for 30 days from the program start date.

Try the ENTIRE course. If you don't love it, just email me at anytime during the 30 days and tell me that you're doing the work and not getting results. I'll refund 100% of your money.

I’ll be completely transparent here. Up until now, I’ve used these exact steps with my  private coaching clients. It’s my personal goal to help make menopause easy for more women. I’m building this course with 15 women who refuse to whiteknuckle their symptoms and ride it out.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and the world to gain. Take the leap.


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